Contrary to airdrops where the tokens are automatically dropped to your account, airgrab means that you have to manually go and claim your tokens.

Airgrabbing tokens consume your personal RAM.


1. Select Wallet on the top menu.

2. Select Airgrab Tokens from the left side menu.

The Airgrab Tokens page displays the following;

  • Token - Symbol for token

  • Name - Full name of token

  • Account - The account the tokens are sent from

  • Airgrab - Status of Airgrab (Airgrab/Already Grabbed)

3. Click on the AIRGRAB ALL TOKENS to claim all Airgrab tokens.

You can click the button to AIRGRAB ALL TOKENS or Airgrab individual tokens one at a time by clicking the button under the "Airgrab" column on the far right.

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