Vote for Proxies

Proxies are created for token holders who want to participate in voicing their opinion on who should be producing blocks on the network aka be in top 21, but you may not have the time to research all the Block Producers and do your due diligence. When you proxy your vote, you allow the proxy to vote on your behalf.

Registered proxies are proxies who chose to be more transparent by providing information about themselves including name, slogan, philosophy, background, website, and more. Unregistered proxies do not provide this information.


1. Select Vote on the top menu.

2. Select Proxies.

You will be able to view all Registered Proxies at first glance. If you'd like to see both registered and unregistered proxies, select the option "All" next to Filter Proxies.

3. Select the proxy you would like to proxy your votes to. Press the blue SET _____ AS PROXY button to proceed.

4. If it is the first time you are proxying your votes, you may get a prompt from Scatter to whitelist your action. Click Allow.

Your transaction will be approved once you whitelist the above action.

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