Vote for Block Producers

Block Producers (BPs) are decentralized entities that produce blocks of the blockchain on EOS - they are similar to what miners are on Bitcoin or Ethereum except that BPs in EOS have to be voted in by token holders. Only the top 21 Block Producers on EOS get to produce blocks; it is expected that token holders will vote in BPs who are technically capable of producing blocks (eg. running reliable servers, ensuring the network is stable) into one of these 21 spots.

In order to vote, you must stake your EOS. Please visit "Staking + Unstaking" for a guide on how to stake before you can vote.


1. Select Vote on the top menu.

2. Select Block Producers if you are not already on the tab.

Block Producers are listed in order of the current rankings.

3. Select the Block Producers you wish to vote for by checking off the boxes next to their ranking and BP name. Press the blue VOTE button to proceed.

You can CTRL+F (windows) or Command+F (mac) to find the name of the BP you'd like to select to vote for. Your selections will show at the top underneath Selected Producers.

There are 100 Block Producers listed on each page; if you cannot find the one you are searching for, please check the other pages by scrolling to the bottom.

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