Add Custom Permission

You can create custom permissions to allow only certain functions to happen.


1. Select Wallet on the top menu.

2. Select Keys and Permissions from the left side menu.

Click on the Advanced tab.

It will display two permissions, #1 Owner and #2 Active.

3. Click Add New Permission. Enter required fields and click Save Permission.

Click Add New Permission, which will create Permission #3 where you are able to set the Permission Name, Parent, Threshold, Add Key , Add Account and Add Wait.

You will need to create a new key pair for the new permission. For instructions on how to do so, check out the Web Key Generator page below.

pageKeys Generator

Once you've filled in all the fields required, press Save Permission.

4. When prompted by Scatter, review the action and click allow when you are certain it is correct.

When updateauth is approved, you will receive a Success message with a transaction hash. Your new permission has been created. Follow the next guide Linkauth to learn how to link an authorization to the new permission you've just created!

pageLink Auth

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