Anchor is a wallet created by the talented team at Greymass. You can download it here via Github and contact the Greymass team by Telegram. Anchor supports various blockchains including;

  • BEOS

  • BOS

  • EOS

  • Insights


  • Telos

  • Worbli

The first beta version of Anchor is available as a pre-release and new features include simplified setup process to configure multiple blockchains, new transaction signing protocol for app/dApp integration and more. Keep an eye out for their 1.0 version of Anchor launching soon!


1. Download and install Anchor here.

Make sure the app stays active and the window is open while you interact with

2. Go to Click Login at the top right corner.

3. Select Anchor in the Connect To Wallet pop up window.

4. Anchor will prompt you to enter your account name and select the permission to be used on

If you don't understand the difference between active, owner, and vote permissions, read more about it here.

5. Confirm that you are successfully logged in.

You should see your account username in the top right corner if you have successfully logged in.

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