Stake CPU / NET

With EOS, you are able to stake or unstake it. Staking means you are locking down your tokens to give you access to resources (CPU and NET) that you need to perform actions on the blockchain.

The process of unstaking your EOS takes a total of 72 hours from the moment you click unstake to when you will have full access to move the EOS. This is a security feature to add a three-day buffer incase your keys may be compromised. Staking your EOS can add this layer of security for your account.


1. Select Wallet on the top menu.

2. Select Stake CPU/NET from the left side menu.

The Stake CPU/NET should show three tabs;

  • Stake - Use this page to stake CPU or NET to an account.

  • Unstake - Use this page to unstake CPU or NET from an account.

  • Refund - Refund is when it has been 3 days or more since you have unstaked and the action has gotten stuck.

3. Select the Stake tab.

If you are logged into your account via a wallet supported by Bloks (Scatter, Ledger, etc.), the field Receiver of Stake should be autofilled.

4. Enter in the Amount of CPU/NET to Stake (in EOS).

To make the process more simple, there are buttons to select a percentage of your EOS holdings - 25, 50, 75 and 100%.

5. Click the blue button Stake to confirm the amount of CPU/NET you are staking.


1. Select Wallet on the top menu.

2. Select Stake CPU/NET from the left side menu.

3. Select the Unstake tab.

There are 3 fields to fill out;

  • Account name of who currently holds stake

  • Amount of CPU to Unstake (in EOS)

  • Amount of NET to Unstake (in EOS)

4. Press the blue button Unstake to complete transaction.


If you followed the above instructions to unstake CPU / NET, you should receive the amount in 72 hours. You can check how much you will be receiving and how much time is left on the Refund tab in Stake CPU / NET. If for whatever reason, you did not receive the refund amount back, check back on this page and click the blue Refund button to manually process the refund.

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