Trezor is a hardware wallet to store your crypto offline rather than online. Currently they support;

  • Bitcoin

  • Litecoin

  • Bitcoin Cash

  • Bitcoin Gold

  • Dash

  • Zcash

  • NEM

  • Ethereum

  • Ethereum Classic


1. Go to Wallet on the top menu.

2. Click login and then click Trezor.

3. Click connect (modify key index if needed).

4. Allow on Trezor Connect.

5. Allow on Trezor Device.

If you already have an account linked to your Trezor, skip to step 7.

6. Create EOS account.

7. Login to EOS Account

If you just created a new account, repeat steps 1–5. will show a list of selectable accounts linked to your Trezor key.

Once you click the account, you will see that you are logged in to Bloks with a powerful web wallet interface and explorer at your fingertips.

8. Execute any TX

This guide will show an EOS transfer example

Executing a transaction will bring up a Trezor Connect window

Next, you will see confirmation dialogs on your Trezor device:

Finally, you will see a transaction success message:

Click on the Transaction ID to see details

9. View account info.

To view information about your EOS account, you can search your account name in the search bar. This will bring up your account with all tokens, resources and actions.

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