TokenPocket is a universal digital wallet, and supports many blockchains including;

  • EOS

  • Ethereum

  • IOST

  • Tron


  • BOS


  • MOAC

  • Jingtum

  • ENU

FOR IOS USERS - Please be aware that there are two versions of TokenPocket available - TokenPocket and TokenPocket Pro. To login to on iOS, you must download TokenPocket Pro and use it through TestFlight. Click here to find the download link for TokenPocket and TokenPocket Pro for iOS. You can also read more about it here on TokenPocket's medium post.


1. Download and install TokenPocket.

TokenPocket is available for download on iOS, Android, and Desktop.

2. Start the app on your mobile. Go to the main page, and click "Discover".

3. You can either type in Bloks at the top search bar or scroll down to Block Explorer to find

4. TokenPocket will prompt you with a message that you are being redirected to Bloks. Click Understood.

5. Confirm that you are successfully logged in.

You should see your account username in the top right corner if you have successfully logged in.

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